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Glass raised mark, any ideas??

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Hi there:

Have not taken pics yet (as the sun is shinning here too) but was wondering IF anyone knew of a mark that is a C with an H inside it (plus a dot at the bottom of the H)??  I am not finding anything here.  It is a large ruffled like bowl.  Any directions on this mark *pending* my delay on the pics?

Will get some pics taken later today ....but going to enjoy the Sun a bit too


Gee....was goggling and could not find anything.  Kinda reminds me of Rossi Glass.  Then I remember seeing something like the same color on Chalet Glass......and the C and the H would fit that....right.

So just check out CHALET GLASS......and found the same mark as I just posted here.  My item is the same color as this too (but way different as a bowl).  But I see that Chalet Glass was marked CH by this item.  See the very first item there with the CH I guess I have a rarer piece of Chalet glass that is marked.....Yipee.!__greens

Will get the pics here today.....and the mark posted.

Gee, I wondered about Chalet......but googling the mark I got nothing!

Anyways looks like I solved it (I believe) even before I got the pics taken.  I just got it yesterday (via the mail)  :)

Hi there:

Pics now posted of the item here...... 

It is quite large IMHO, as about 7 inches tall.....and about 12 inches wide.  Olive in color ruffled.  The pictures do not do justice of the Size of it.  Will post another few pics of the mark as I had a hard time seeing it (finding it myself).

According to Chalet Glass Site...this color (and mark) is Rare for Chalet -- But is Chalet!!

I would have never know this was Chalet Glass.  Fooled me!!


Here are pics of the mark -- I guess a first time this Mark for Chalet is no where is there an image of this mark for Chalet.  It is mentioned on Deborah site.  So a first for GMB (and alot of us Canadians) as there is so little on the Net about this mark -- and nor are they any true Examples (pics) of it. 

Raised *C* with an *H* inside it.  Also has a dot just at the bottom of the H.  Under the *CH* are the Roman Numerals of: LXXI

Was hard to see (honest) and even now I still have to *look* for it.  Had a hard time getting just a clear shot of it -- so I smudged some tooth paste over it as powder kept coming off when I tried that.  So I figured I would use tooth paste and smudge it over the mark to get a better shot.

Hey.............whatever works !!!   LOL  ;D

antiquerose123: there for this Chalet piece ??



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