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RETRO Lidded Glass - Foil label (Silver and Teal Blue) - ID = Enchant glassware

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Hi, I am assuming this to be from the Retro/Eames period (IMHO) by the looks of it.  Hand-painted (as stated on the label) and has Gold streaks on it around the leaves.  There is a foil label in the colors of Silver and Teal Blue --  on it but I am not finding much info on it.  Lidded, and footed base.

Will add size of it (asap) ... as forgot to do that.  Any info on the maker, the age, or anything at all...

Thanks ;)

IMHO, it looks like it says:

Hand Painted
Kenneth M. Smith
But not finding much info.....of any sort ???


I suggest Anchor Hocking for the glass and Kenneth Smith for the decoration. Googling leads to a lot of auction dead ends that all seem to involve Anchor Hocking

I think Anchor-Hocking is a likely suspect, but other USA firms (esp. those in the Weston, West Virginia, area) made items that are very similar (blunt finial, slight taper to the sides, etc.). The nice foil label is a good clue, too. Fenton began using foil labels in the mid-1940s, and I see such labels on lots of glassware from the 1950s. 

Thank you Lustrousstone and  jsmeasell for your info.   :-*

You know me when I find something with a label on it ...I have to buy it for the GMB board just in case I have found a missing link to something in the Glass World.....LOL.   ;)

Not sure if this is a missing link but always great to find a label to help educate us even moreso, or to see a label we may have not seen before....or can't find a thing on the Net.  This piece sure screams Retro to me and in Super Condition. 

I think I might use it in my bathroom to hold cotton Q-tips -- as it would work Super For that -- Plus it has a Nice clean Design!!



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