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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 4

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 ;D Bottom row.:-
Isle of Wight Studio; Mdina; Stevens and Williams.

I'm too short to see the back row.  ;D

All good on the front row :) The three at the back left are scarce items. The pinkish trumpet vase i think you helped me I/D it .
Thanks for the input.

Vasart or perhaps Monart - the pic is a bit pixellated. The rim is wider than I would imagine for Vasart, but the colours fit.
I do know the pressed pattern is a scarce one - but I can't remember where I saw it - it was recent.  ;) Is it Polish? another Hortensja? (I seem to default to Hortensja. :-[ )

Company? Hmmmmm. Briard? (stab in the dark)

 :) Yes Sue, Monart (my only piece). Nigel Benson said it could be an early item.
The other three may have a whitefriars/scandinavian connection.

Whew re. the very pink Monart. My reputation survives a little.
Scandi. and Wfs are not my areas.
But something to do with "Not George Hardy"?  ;)


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