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Mystery set #052 clear glass set - ID = Ravenhead P286/72-P332-P334

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Another Trinket Set for ID, the candlesticks appear to match Anne's Mystery set 52 here,
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I have seen these pieces together many times, so I am pretty sure they are a match. Any ideas anyone?

I have candlesticks and pots but no idea of who made them as yet, still searching. :)

Here are some photos of a tray, candlesticks and lidded pot from 2 different sources (from which I assume that they are probably a matching set or part of a set).

To me, the candlesticks look similar to those shown on the GTS site as Mystery #052.


What do members think?

If that is correct, then I wonder if Anne could add copies to the Mystery #052 album?

If not, then I will add them as a new ‘Mystery’ album.


I'd say that was a match to Mystery #052 as well, Fred.  I'll add the pics or you can do if you like. You should have permissions to do so?  And thank you, that looks like those three bits belong together - now to pin them to a maker!  :)

Thank you, Anne.

I have added them to the Mystery #052 album on the GTS site.



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