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Venetian style small tazza - please help with attribution

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Bernard C:
Hi everyone.

I broke all my own rules buying this little gem;  I couldn't help it - it is one of the most beautifully made items I have seen.

Facts:Sourced from an English Midlands general dealer, so more than likely originally retailed in the UK
h. exactly 3" (76mm)
d. 4 3/4" (122mm)
base d. exactly 2 3/4" (70mm)
weight 6 3/8oz (182g)
3 piece construction, no pontil mark, central thin shear mark on base of stem, no curly bubbles at the join of the bowl to the stem.
Virtually no wear to the base - it was either made yesterday or it has spent its life in a display cabinet or packed away
Neat opaque white tape to the rim with no sign of a starting point.
Any ideas on maker, country, date, etc?

Thanks for looking, Bernard C.  8)

Tut tut, but entirely understandable......... :lol:

Reminds me of a Graystan beaker I once had. Shows here I came across a better picture recently that I will scan in when I get the chance.

Must admit, having looked at my pic again it is unclear why I made the connection.

I made the connection from the foot shape, but not as on on my beaker, see Item 91 in Between the Wars. Still a vague possibility. Lots of GS was not signed.

Bernard C:
Thanks, Marcus & Frank,

I understand your views, Frank, I had them myself.   The whole stem construction could easily be Walsh, GS, or any of the classier Stourbridge factories.

The bowl is very delicate, though probably not light enough for early C20 Venetian.

You can see why I am baffled.

Bernard C.  8)

ps - I forgot to tell viewers to click on the thumbnail image!   Apologies for the fuzziness of the main image, it was right on my camera's boundary between close-up and standard photography.


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