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Okay, I've read a little bit about these glass bricks in another thread, but can find little out about them on the Internet.

I bought this one, not knowing what it was etc.

Where the pontil is snapped off, there is also another impressed mark, but having difficulty photographing it.

I would have added this to the other thread, but felt it unfair to hijack it.

Are these rare objects?
Any other information, as always, greatly appreciated.

Prunting frits Della!  Nice one!   :D   I've never seen any of those anywhere.  Grrr!  I'd like to see one close up too.  I think Ian said the ones that went at the end were rarer, as less of them were made/needed.  A great find though!!

PS  Stick this on the end of that other thread too, to make sure Ian sees it.  :wink:

Thanks Max,   :lol:  :lol:

I will put a link to this post, in the other thread.


--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---Are these rare objects?
--- End quote ---

Hi Deltab-- yes, they are rare, but they're not something widely collected, so competition is low-- resulting in a market price of about $50.  I have two in typical light aqua; they also come in clear and green (both rarer, as are half-bricks).

So, if it's your kind of thing: a great find at any price, and IMO a steal at $50.  Congratulations, you have a nice early piece of glass architectural history.  To most people, it's some old junk and $50 is way too much.

They are sometimes mistaken for glass floats.  In that market, going price is more like $200-$500 depending on color, based on rarity plus a larger (but mistaken) market.

There is at least one building in the Netherlands (neighbors to Belgium where the blocks were made) which still has them in use!


Thanks for the reply Ian,

The monetary value isn't really important, I just bought it because it was different and looks great amongst my textured glass.

I paid way less than $50, so a bargain no-the-less.
I was just very curious as to when these bricks were made etc.
As I live in the Netherlands, it would also be nice to know where the building is that you mention, because I would love to see these bricks used for what they were designed.

Once again, thanks for the reply.  :D


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