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Does anyone know what recent titles, published by the Antique & Collectors Club since 1999/2000, have been remaindered in the last 12 months? I have bought the Engraved Glass, but am wondering about other useful glass titles that may  have met the same fate.

PS Is the Franco Deboni book on Venini, worth buying????

hi marcus

i've just got a nice glass book titled " Italian glass Murano. Milan 1930-1970 by Helmut ricke and Eva schmitt printed by Prestel it covers most of the Venini range


Bernard C:
Hi Marcus & Ray,

See,457.0.html for a rambling debate on other such books.


Bernard C.  8)

Sorry, missed them.....
One thing that perhaps should be clarified, there should be no duty on books from the States, costing less than 42,@ $80 and no VAT, as books are zero-VAT rated in the UK. You will possibly pay vat on the shipping charges.
It is a good time to buy from the states, given dollar/pound rate.... have just bought the Santillana Venini book, for $40, 21.60 including shipping.
Also better deals available on
The Deboni is $35 inc shipping, but 29.99 on, so worth checking out for other stuff, as is, and seeing what US dealers have that currently is a bargain.


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