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I'm having trouble getting any catalogue type information about VSL.

I know that it was a huge operation for a while so doubtless there is a huge amount of barely catalogued material, but it seems hard to find.

The only books or articles I have seen (too expensive to acquire, and) only show e.g. engraved crystal or modern/current products.

I'm really (only) interested in 'household' glass (pressed, blown, machined) in the period 1920-1970.

I have several suspects which I have had no feedback about.

Who has more detailed information about how to pursue my research?!

(The little I DO know is on my website at; )

David E:

Ivo's book has a fair amount about Val St. Lambert. I've only got a couple of pieces myself (and one of those is only a possibilty!) , but their glass is not often seen in the UK.

There's also three pages in Lesley Jackson's 20th Century Factory Glass.

Hi Jay  :)

I think you need to contact Malletts in London.  Probably someone else can fill you in with details, but they have a connection with Val St Lambert and a large (I think) collection themselves.

Edit:  Just read your post properly and you're looking for info about househould items...not sure Malletts would be right in that case...well...any information is good information, right?  :wink:


Is Malletts the big shop where you have to ring the doorbell to get in and you're followed around by your own personal member of staff?
I'm sure I went there with my brother once, for a good old nosey. We were disguised as tourists, I don't think they realised we knew what we were looking at! They had some amazing glass, especially VSL, at even more amazing prices, but my favourite was a piece of thin-blown, bubbly, streaky Powell.

Not sure Mallet's is worth a vist now that John Smith has retired, they would be hard put to replace someone with so much knowledge on glass. It is essentially a top of the market antiques dealer, prices are two times the record prices for most things. They bought the contents of the Val St. Lambert museum when it closed, hence they had a superb collection.

I have a few of their cats from 1913 to 60's, you are welcome to have a look when in Amsterdam.


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