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English Reg Number 729528 : ID British Syphon Co


Tony H:
Hi One and All
Can anyone help with the Reg No 729528, it is May June 1927, I found it on a Soda Syphon, there are a lot here in NZ with the names of firms and citys, but this is the first I have seen with any form of ID.
Tony H

Bernard C:
Hi Tony,

Perhaps the most obvious answer ever!!!!

British Syphon Co. Ltd. - 20 May 1927

As it's from the blue book, there is no address.   What is special about the design?

Bernard C.  8)

Tony H:
Hi Bernard
Thank you for your help, I do not have this piece, it is in a secondhand shop which my wife and I vist, were we have found some nice glass and china, the syphon has a dimple pattern and is quite heavy, I will see if it is still at the shop when I next visit, and try and get a photo.
In this shop I found a piece by Greener Reg No 138501 a double dish with center handle.

Tony H


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