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Signed Decanter ID Please - ID = Ioan Nemtoi


Hi, could anyone help me ID this fabulous (well at least I think so) decanter.
I bought it yesterday but I can't read the signature, thank you.

I plump for Newton.

Perhaps would lead you to contact Newton Vineyards as the decanter shown has a similar shape to yours, albeit without a stopper.  You might also contact as the maker of the Newton Vineyard decanter his resume indicates he learned about glass in Venice which would sit well with your lovely piece.


Ioan Nemtoi.
Fabulous Romanian maker, working in Canada.
(pats self on head smugly - I even though it was his work before I saw the signature  ;D ).
Link to another thread on his work, with confirmation of the signature.,37151.msg203090.html#msg203090

I haven't got a bit of his work.... yet. I'm waiting for the right one.

Phooey!!!!!  I do have a small Nemtoi bowl and you are 100% correct Sue.


Thank you so much for your help Sue,
I just checked out his website and love his work. It is so nice to be able to find out more about this now.
I just saw this decanter at a car boot and fell in love.


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