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Happy 50th "Birthday" to the Studio Glass Movement - Studio Glass 1962-1979

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I did sort of mean to start this thread on the 23rd of March, the "official" birthday, the annivesary of the Toledo lectures, but the gmb was down and  revamping and life sort of got in the way.

I thought a good way to celebrate this birthday would be by all of use getting together with images we have of pieces from the very early days and having another lovely thread full of glorious show and tell images.

Well, that's the idea. Unfortunately my images aren't that glorious, although the glass itself is.

so to start:
Pauline Solven, RCA '67
Sam Herman, London '67 (I know you've all seen this before. I make no apology for repeating it. It deserves repeating.)
Annette Meech '71
Dillon Clarke '71

Annette Meech (unmarked)
Sam Herman '71
John Lewis '71
George Laisner '71

Excellent idea Sue.

I am taking the liberty of posting this photo of your 1973 George Elliot goblet.


That's ok, John -  I shall take the liberty of showing your clear yellow button-rimmed very early, Mdina globe.

and my non-cobalt early Fish
my amethyst button-rimmed "pulled ear" vase
and my "Crizzle Stone" bottle (that, as you may remember, is thanks to you  :-* )

All the above are very early Mdina, and most likely to be Michael Harris' work

Although this item is not in the same art glass category; John Airlie developed the small-scale studio furnace in about 1970. This piece is pre 1976, as Kirkhill Glass closed in that year


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