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Happy 50th "Birthday" to the Studio Glass Movement - Studio Glass 1962-1979

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Ooooh, your red Jam Factory Sam Herman '75 is even nicer than my red Jam Factory Sam Herman '75..... :'(
I've got an unmarked bit of green mottled glass, it has been designated as 99% likely to be Sam and Jam Factory by Adam A.
pics here.

Yes, the Studio Glass Movement did take off in different places at different times, and Sam Herman's influence cannot be understated!

I should have said more in my first posting about the origin of the pieces - John Lewis and George Laisner are both American artists.

There were others though, who, while not influenced specifically by the Toledo lectures origins, were still moving in a similar direction - as flying-free has already mentioned, Benny Motzfeldt in Norway was taking glassmaking in this direction, as was Eisch in Germany - both breaking away from big manufactures to concentrate on individually made pieces.

In Poland, in the mid-'60s, artists were also experimenting with individually made pieces within the big factories - for example Felix Nawrocki.

flying free:
I can't remember the details but there was a big gathering in the UK at some point (late 60's early 70's?) and Benny Motzfeldt was there along with Jiri Suhajek if I recall correctly.  There may have been others but I can't remember the info  ::)  I'll try and find some link to details on that later.

I still haven't got "my" Jiri Suhajek yet. I know what I want.  8)

flying free:
I keep an eye out for it still  :) (for you I mean, not for me  ;D)

Some of these have been on the GMB previously, the majority being blown between 1968-70. Includes pieces by Wayne D Filan, Jiri Suhajek and Sam Herman.


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