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Happy 50th "Birthday" to the Studio Glass Movement - Studio Glass 1962-1979

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Sorted for you Sue and Greg.

Thanks Anne, just sent you a message, through the report function. Sorry I may have sent more than once as I had run out of characters, coupled with the fact it's early morning and I'm trying to reply from my phone! Please also feel free to delete this ramble! Thanks for all your help. Greg

An early Studio goblet which I suspect came out of the Glasshouse, and made by Annette Meech in the early 70s.

The construction of the stem is different to other examples of her work I have although I see Annette did also produce goblets with stems of this kind.  Just wondered how this compared to your Annette Meech goblet Sue? Has all of the other characteristics you would expect of this period.

My true Annette Meech goblet, which is signed and dated '72, is very like that. I cannot find a pic.
It has a wonky merise, the bowl is squint. Your merise and bowl are a bit tidier!
Under the merise there is a 3 part stem in blobs, like yours.
But my top round blob must have caused some difficulties, it is patched together from two bits, hot glued.
The bottom blob, is wider than the middle one, which is wider than the top one (they are graduated in size) is a sort of slightly squashed squarer shaped one which it sits in a very neat "well" of glass, rasied from the base. Your "well" looks a bit more cobbled together.

The bowl of mine is quite nicely rounded, but has a sort of waisted broad neck and flares out at the rim.

With individual variations, different wonkinesses and the alternative bowl shape taken into consideration, I'd say they are the same. ;D But mine is a lurid pink with silver salt decor and black patchy bits.
Not quite a thousand words, a pic would still have been better. :-[ :'(

Thanks for taking a look Sue and comparing it against your piece, good to get your thoughts.

I tried to drop Annette an email but see she retired a few years ago now.

Forgot about your dislike of anything pink 😃


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