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'The Foundry' Royal Brierley.

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7th time lucky....

this one?
or the Google project?
Looks more like Lafiore to me though.

As Dean martin nearly said, "When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie, that's Lafiore..."

Wow Keith, is this really English glass?

Robert (bOBA)

That's strange,it said it wouldn't load this format, ??? ???,the picture is from a glass maker called Jill Devine who worked at Royal Brierley studio in the 1980's she sent me a number of pictures of work she did at that time and until now none of them would upload so now I'm stumped !
    I have just tried to upload some of the others and they won't !!!!! aaargh!

Keith, I've no idea why they won't upload for you but they have done for me, and I've put them here for you:,55267.0.html

I'll try and collate the RB topics into an RB Studio topic and an RB Art Glass topic as you are researching these. Would it help if I pinned those topics at the head of the British forum for you whilst you're doing this?


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