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Are they Davidsons Luna or Whitefriars ??????

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Hi, This " is it whitefriars " question started so well....... Then deteriated into total abuse !
 Check it out.
 Regards Patrick.

Hi Patrick,
First of all, I am not going to comment on the thread on this particular posting.....or any other for that matter, it wouldn't be proper not having been involved myself.

As for these vases, I get totally confused myself  :? , having only handled a finger vase (which is mine) and remembering my mum having a bark vase when I was a child.
There is another posting, Ref 3378, where the 2 vases shown, look identical, to me anyhow, to the vases now in question. Those are given as being Whitefriars.
I have scoured the catalogues and the 'Is It' section and could only find one picture of the base of a 'true' bark vase, I don't even know if the bases are similar.
I have 2, also similar, vases which are not Whitefriars, but if one looks through the catalogues, as always advised when someone posts, the sizes of mine are identical to those of one of the Whitefriars Bark vases.
As a lover of textured glass, but totally ignorant about the 'feel' of Whitefriars glass, I can see why people do get confused and misled.

Your question was however, are they Whitefriars? Quite honestly I dont know :oops:  :oops:  and they would have fooled me.
Are they Davidson Luna? No, I don't believe they are.

I posted a query a few years back on "Is it Whitefriars?" re. some vases I thought could be Davidson's Luna or perhaps Whitefriars. I finally found the answer myself a couple of years later - they turned out to be Oberglas of Austria! That was a surprise.

I'm not saying the ones referred to here are Oberglas, of course - and frankly I know nothing about Whitefriars - but I thought I'd throw my own limited experience of "Is it Whitefriars?" into the melting pot.


Another option, posted by our own Ivo a few days ago;,5134

 :P  :P

WHILE we're on the subject

Can anyone confirm that this massive monster (21 cm / 8" across) is a Luna?


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