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Bill G:
Pukeberg Glasbruk has undergone many ownership changes in the past 20 years. They have had many
important glass artists design for them from Eric Hoglund to Eva Englund and of course the Warffs.
Unfortunately, there is not a strong secondary market for their glass at the present time.
Bill Geary

Bill's comment on the market for Pukeberg is accurate, but what strikes me is that there are similarities in style between some of their glass and the output of the Troika Pottery. (see what that goes for now)

I have some Pukeberg pieces - they are great quality and interesting in design. I agree, Frank, definately well worth collecting while prices are still very reasonable. Maybe the next Whitefriars ?

Hi Marcus, I have also noticed the stylistic similarity with Troika - so have others. At least one Ebay auction I can remember mentioned it - no doubt to drive up the price,  BUT, in that case, a vaild design comment I feel.
I suspect you are refering specifically to this piece

are there others ?

Perhaps Bill, you could confirm this piece as Pukeberg ?
Also did the designers you mention work for Pukeberg or did they "guest" for the company ? Would their designs for the Pukeberg be signed ?

Rik, why don't you post a pic of yours ? I'm sure we'd all like to see it

Bill G:
The Warffs and Eva Englund were on the payroll for sure.
Eva even returned after leaving Orrefors for a brief period. I am not sure about Eric Hoglund. He might have been under contract to receive commission on work designed and sold. I cannot say that for certain.
The glass image shown as a candle holder is Pukeberg.
They are under new ownership who have brought the Kalmar University Design School to the premises: created the Swedish Museum of Design and hired a young 27 master glass blower from Orrefors. Micke
Johansson has a real touch for glass and he is on his way
to be a major factor in Swedish glass. Sorry, Micke and I
went to Orrefors Glass School together in 1989 -1990.

Yes. I know of at least four designs for these, and there may be others. Prices seem to be moving, last year these were common on eBay for under £10, currently one on at £21, and yes, they mention Troika.....


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