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Kaj Franck's Signature


Would like to get your opinion on the following piece selling currently at the eBay and attributed to Kaj Franck.

Compare the signature to the signatures on these two pieces by Franck.  Both of which I believe are genuine Kaj Franck pieces:

Why would an artist sign his pieces with two completely different styles?  The seller is convinced that the signature is genuine.  According to him he has handled several Franck pieces.  Well I am not convinced and so far no collector either as there are no bids.  For a fully signed Kaj Franck piece this would be a bargain at ¬£50.

Unfortunately I don't have any reference books at work so this is from memory.

The first item is, I think, from when he was at Iittala, and the signature looks similar to Tapio Wirkkala's. The other two where when he was working at Nuutajarvi Notsjo (not sure if he moved firms, or one took over the other).

I would also suggest that the signatures were not done by the designers themselves, and so one would expect the same style of signature to appear for different designers (Gunnel Nyman and Kaj Franck both had acid pen signatures for a while at Nuutajarvi, I think).

This is not to say that the first is genuine, but that the different signature isn't necessarily evidence of a forgery. (but are his pieces from Iittala and Nuutajarvi valued the same ?)

According to "Kaj Franck - Teema ja Muunnelmia"  a whole series of vases, bowls and liquor bottles with soda bubbles in the bottom were made 1948-54; these were signed "K.FRaNCK- IITaLa" or "K.FRANCK-IITTALA". I also recognise the style of signature from that period - so I am inclined to believe the item is correct. Also the seller's other items look legit - apart from misspelling Wirkkala again. (wot - again? huh?)

Thanks for everybody for your replies and the very useful information.  I had only ever seen Kaj Franck's signature on Nuutaj√§rvi items and it is completely different style.  With all those fake items on eBay one gets suspicious.  Thanks!

Bill G:
Ladies and Gentlemen: As an additional point of reference, the artists rarely signed their work. There was a gentleman or lady assigned to this task.
At Orrefors in the mid 1980's,  managment asked the artists to sign their work for the Gallery Series and you would have thought the world was coming to an end.
Bill Geary


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