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Whereabouts of Eric Dobson, ex-Mdina director?



Hello, this is probably a wild casting of a net, but does anybody have any idea of the current whereabouts of Eric Dobson, the person who was the partner and financial backer of Michael Harris when Mdina was set up, and who ran it after Michael went on to the Isle of Wight?

I believe he was last heard of visiting Malta in 2002.

I wondered also if any of the genealogists might have a clue how to start finding somebody?

Sue, are you writing a book? :lol:
First place to check would be the Maltese Industry/trade department, and local directories. I suspect you would have had to be registered somewhere, whether Malta-domiciled or not.

Hi Sue
Try Phoenician Glass, Malta thay may be able to help.



Thanks, both of you!

Hi Sue,
Thanks for asking here. I've had trouble tracking him down, as you know. It's not exactly an uncommon name and even using different permutations of search terms involving his wife's name, glass, mdina, malta, marketing (for that is what I understand he was experienced in) etc, nothing relevant comes up. The source of the 2002 info was a newspaper clipping kindly given to me by Elizabeth Harris, from the Times dated May 2nd 2002. Dobson had just gone back to Malta for a visit, for the first time in ages. He must have retired by now, so is probably not involved with any company as such, meaning his name might appear on the net. It may even be that he doesn't live in thus country any more...any information gratefully received!!
All the best,


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