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Kosta vase - Dates? Coded mark? Help please

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Bernard C:
Hi everyone.

Apparently a nice quality production art glass Kosta vase with what looks like a legit signature.   Of course, trust me to buy one with a letter code not in Jackson or Haanstra!

Facts:Sourced from an English Midlands general dealer, so more than likely originally retailed in the UK
h. 255mm (10")
weight 1358g (3lb)
3 piece construction, neatly ground out and polished pontil mark
foot and rim neatly cut, chamfered and polished
Some wear to the base
Slate blue colour, very '60s, very Caithness
Marks: "L" or "7"; "Kosta BH 359" or "Kosta BH 353".
Any ideas on dates, interpretation of marks, designer, name of range, or anything else?

Thanks for looking, Bernard C.  8)

ps - thumbnails average less than 1Kb, main images 13Kb, edited using IrfanView.  Okay, Ivo?

pps - If you use IrfanView and you are like me, sometimes hitting the wrong key, occasionally you can find yourself with an image filling the whole screen and no way out.   Try the Enter/Return key - it will get you back to normality.


1/2 way down the page - same piece attributed to Ellis Bergh.

If it's not a genuine signature then at least the faker is being consistent.


Bernard C:
Gareth - Brilliant!

Thanks.   The code is in Haanstra, not under Kosta, but under Elis Bergh.

So this vase was designed by Elis Bergh in 1930 (353 or 359) or 1938 (1353 or 1359) and was made in the 1950s or '60s.   So I wasn't too far out comparing it to early Caithness.

As there is no trace whatsoever of an initial "1" on my vase, I prefer the 1930 date for the design, which also seems to fit the style of the vase rather better than 1938.

Does anyone have anything further to add?

Bernard C.  8)

brilliant sluithing, sherlock!

Bernard C:
Ivo, one thing still puzzles me.

The vase on the link is described as a "Kosta Boda" vase.   This seems to be incorrect according to Jackson and your book.   Or were designs made in both glassworks?

Bernard C.  8)


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