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can anyone help with info on two millefiori pieces please

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I would appreciate any information about these two pieces of Paperweight glass.
The first is a vase,outer cased clear glass over scrambled millefiori backed by silver and the interior cased in clear green glass .
I do not know the correct terms.
The brown toffee like 'blobs' do not photograph but are sparkling bronze.
The size is approx 3.5" ht and the top ate its widest is 3.75" by 3" .
The pontil is flat ground.
I did wonder if it was Italian.
I have put some jpg
 also  via this shorter  this link. (hope it works !)
or long url
 - - - -
The second is a large paperweight about 3.2" diam  x  2"ht.
Hardly any clear dome.
The pontil has been broken deeply so that the base which has been flat ground still shows some evidence of breaking off.
I haven't seen these wide  millefiore before but I only have a limited paperweight collection mostly from glass from Scotland.
I have put som jpg at this link.
or long url

Thank you


they are A.VE.M  murano italy

they MIGHT be Avem "Tutti Frutti" pieces from the late 50s BUT be advised there are Chinese imitations of more recent vintage around. You can recognise those by the greyish tint of the glass (only of you have a real and fake one side by side)  and the bottom, instead of being polished high gloss smooth has a grey roughness to it. Cannot see the bottom from your photographs....

I have taken two more jpgs for each.
The Vase on seems to be clear glass well polished - there is a bit of surface wear -from the little of the clear cased glass it does not seem to be greyish
The paperweight - I have taken one with flash and the dark one without.
The gap where the pontil was broken off shows better on this.
I much appreciate all your help. Since the reply I have been able to  check on some sites  on the A VE M vases  and as you say  Ivo really need to check it side side by side with a known genuine.
Thank you.

I hope this works- I switched to Firefox a while back ( and ditched norton) now use AVG and Zone Alarm and Adaware and spybot and anything else that will keep the hackers at bay.
We know they copy jpgs - but to  take the lot off!
Seem to like the Einstein in Word for some reason!)
Have trouble with hackers etc - may be this was got at- have just checked Tiny url and it works this end with Firefox
-Went to a fair today and checked the base of the chineses paperweifghts - see waht Ivo meant by the grey.
But both these pieces have a good high polish to the ground pontil- apart from a bit of surface wear light scratch.
Haven't see anothe A VE M before in our travels here in UK - North of Watford!


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