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Info on Mdina Ornament - Axe head?

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Probably the seller bought it with faked emails as provenance and did not verify before listing. Appears to be general seller.


This vase has been listed twice before. The information changed with each listing, before the seller said they contacted Mdina to enquire.  :?

Hello all you Mdina Avids and pother informed and knowledgable collectors,
Now up until this moment I have remained removed from this discussion. Some of you may know me and also know my background and history so I just thougt you may like to know that we have been in a very lengthy  and from their side  not very nice two way discussion, nay dispute, over the description of this piece. There are still many unanswered and even contentious question marks over the aswers and information, given by the  the seller, to your questions  but that is another issue for another day as  I know they have been following this thread. Suffice it to say at this stage that there are possibly certain Trading Standard issues which may have to be addressed but I have said enough on that part now. However many of you are on the right lines but do not of course have the full unhappy story to date. Now that the item is sold if you would like some bedtime reading I can forward you the saga to serve as a Caveat Emptor. Ask Mark Hill privately by email about my credentials if you want some background and I will forward you the emails over this issue as I now feel you are all, as keen collectors, entitled to know. Look up our website at also. I am always pleased to enter into any amount of discussion with you on an email basis but tend to try not to air my washing in public as it can be used by the unscrupulous - well if it is contentious anyway. Mark, Angela and others know me well enough to verify that I only have the best interests of the Harris 'dynasty' at heart and will defend their honour to the death! ( well to the bitter end of a ' Heated Debate' anyway !). They are still, and have been, a big part of my business life since the early eighties.
Very best regards,
Ron & Ann Wheeler
Artius glass


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