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picture library for T/Webb colours.

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David E:
Here's two links:

The Ruby Bowl

The Bullseye range

Paul S.:
thanks David  -  hopefully we shall have all of the colours quite soon :)

Paul S.:
meant to add............    am sure Christine will have a piece of Gay Glass spring :)

All uranium
Spring green
Sunshine amber
An early amber uranium
And what I believe to be Lemonescent (though other might disagree)
Evergreen (sue's pic)

Paul S.:
thanks for adding all of those, and having now seen your Spring it occurs to me it appears to be the same as my piece which I've called light green - so perhaps the caption on my pic should be changed.
Look forward to seeing a piece of green from the 'Bristol Blue' range, from someone.

Perhaps we'll give it a day or so, and we might then start to add the two tone examples. :)


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