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picture library for T/Webb colours.

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Another Flair 'Haze' bowl, no bubbles  ;D 10.5 inches across.

I've only just found this post. This is a 9" vase? similar to the one on P.3 but all in yellow. Do you think it is also a T/Webb piece? It has a bit of wear on the foot but doesn't seem to have much age. Regards NevB.

It's a beer glass, not a vase, as it has a safety rim. I would say not Webb as it's the wrong shade or yellow

I see what you mean Christine it looks like others being sold as "pilsner glasses". I've added another photo which I've enhanced to show the intensity of colour when you get when viewing from above.

Paul S.:
Some of the colours thus far can be associated with a specific factory name, but some remain elusive as to what - one hundred or more years back - Thoms Webb actually called them - presumably someone, somewhere, had a colour chart and could say to the gaffer please make a dozen vases in Pomona Green, Amherst, Carnation or Plum etc. etc., and he knew what was being asked for.           Additions, to this thread, of new colours, are now infrequent.       The variety of colours we've posted so far rather belies the range of hues that Webb could, and probably did, apparently make - looking in Hajdamach's Appendix 7 ('British Glass 1800 - 1914'), the list of colours takes some believing but no reason we should doubt how extensive it was during the period 1840 - 1898.         Wonder what Oriental looked like.                       We've no idea of course how many of these colours made it into the C20 - possible not as many as we might imagine.

I've no idea as to how Thomas Webb listed the colour of the cocktail glass now attached - from the list in Hajdamach mentioned above - it might be Peach, Opalescent Pink, Salmon, Pink  -  or of course this one may never have been a C19 colour, and might well have been a later C20 invention.    Anyway, for what it's worth here it is  -  it's a sort of honey cum pinkish citrine  -  ahh, that's not on the list. ;)         The first picture is way off on colour, but is more for the surface pattern which I'm told is likely to be Pineapple. 


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