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Mdina or other ?? ID = Robert Held, Canada

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 Hi everyone,
                 found five items on Sunday boots sale, glass heaven for a change, and a couple of items i cannot find any thing on at all, posting this small blue vase with fused flowers on first , unsigned piece and measures only 11 centimetres in height, looks like Mdina and quite heavy piece for size.
 Thanks for taking your time to look.

Welcome to the GMB - you've posted in British and Irish glass - there is another section just for help in IDing  glass items. Could you post in there where more people may see it and add a picture a bit bigger - up to 125kb, up to 4 per post. It's always helpful to see the base as well as this often helps to identify who made it! and has it any age related wear on the base too  :)
looks pretty but I don't think it's Mdina - reminds me of something though,


I don't think it's Mdina, it's a little more like Jonathan Harris' work than his father's, but I'm not sure if it's complex enough. ???
Sorry not to be of more help. Have you looked at the Mdina site to see if they're making this sort of thing nowadays? I'm more into the much older stuff.

    After more sleep deprivation, i found it on a U.S site, made by Robert Held Art glass studio, thanks for your input Roberta and Chopin Liszt,
Best Regards,

Hi there:

Robert Held is a Canadian.  Is your piece signed?  There are some posts on here about Robert Held and many examples of Labels, and signatures.  Here is a link to them ~ CLICK HERE ~ and ~ CLICK HERE ~



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