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An English artist, anyone recognize sig? ID = William Walker

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Hey all you Brits,

This seems to be a contemporary English glassblower's work, but I'm not familiar enough with smaller independent British glass studios to recognize or decipher the signature.

I can't figure out fist name, last name, or city, but I think I'm reading England as the last word. LOL

Any ideas?

William Walker, Dorset, England?

It may be eyes, but to me the signature looks like William Walker, but I stand corrected and apologise if I wrong.

Perfect. Since I'm not familiar with Walker's work, I couldn't grasp the signature, and Dorset didn't pop into my head. I can see both clearly now, knowing what they are helps. LOL.

Thank you both very much.


A truly wonderful artist to have a piece by!

It looks like an orchid inside it.

Have a search for his name here - he has recently sent me some images of work to post , somebody else got to know him and have the most fabulous landscape bowl he has just had made.

Going back a little in time, William Walker worked with Michael Harris at Isle of Wight Studio Glass - it was their work together on Azurene, which won a Design Council Award in '79, (inventing a method of incorporating silver foil onto glass without it reacting).


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