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Large Blue Bowl/Vase - please help with identity!

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Hi folks! I bought a couple of boxes at my local auction 2 weeks ago, specifically for a 1949 William Wilson vase which had gone un-noticed by everyone else. There was also a piece of Royal Bohemia, an art nouveau brass & elm ink blotter & a bunch of other stuff (£25 & half my Xmas pressies bought - wahey!) Anyway, also in one of the boxes was the vase shown below. It's approximately 220mm long, 140mm wide & 160mm at the highest point of the rim, which drops slightly at each end to give a wave effect. The base is flat and polished, though scratched with age. I guess it weighs somewhere between 3 & 4 Kg.

I only have these two photos & my digital camera is out of action, but I'd be seriously grateful if anyone can help me identify it.

The second photograph includes a Whitefriars jug in Kingfisher colourway, purely for comparison as it is identical.

I've only been collecting glass seriously for just over a year, so my reference material is limited and my knowledge even moreso! I'm itching to know where this piece originated. Someone put a great deal of effort into producing this - I've scoured every book in my local library, every website I can think of, so pleeeease can someone help me??!!!

Possible idea, Metelak for Harrachov, who did a range of similar vases @1958, bowls not sure, but will see what turns up,  but please post an image of the Bohemia piece :)

Thanks very much LeCasson, you're the first person who's had so much as an inkling of an idea! I will post the Bohemia piece, but it's a very common pattern - a four-sided vase with ovoid/oval patterns on each face about 180mm high - a lovely dark green colour though!

My guess would be Maastricht or Leerdam , it does not speak Czech to me....

Thanks Ivo - everything you say about the form rings bells with me. For instance, the clear casing together with the depth of blue glass which comprise the base are almost exactly 50% of its height - each time I examine it carefully I notice something new....


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