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blue bowl ID : Cambridge Azurite + discussion

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It's a bowl, pressed - I can just about feel 2 tiny mould marks around the bottom; it is opaque blue with a lighter shade of pale slagged through it, it has some wear. Diameter 25, height 7 cm (for the metrically challenged that is just under 10" diam and 3 1/2 height) And of course, it has no markings - that would just make it too easy.  Question is, of course: "yes but what is it?" The colour is not like any Leerdam I've seen, the shape is unleerdammish, too. - seems it is Northwood from the twenties.

Good afternoon Ivo

I picked up an identical piece from Ebay USA earlier this year. The colouring of mine is very much like the Davidsons orange cloud glass and until it arrived I thought it might be a variation of Davidsons No 21 pattern bowl ....and it sits perfectly on a Davidsons black stand. The colouring is so much like GD's that it displays with other orange cloud pieces extremely well
Thanks for the lead to the website ...interesting to see the design of the black stands.
Are you able to date these specifically as it then takes me onto who designed the first stand in this design.... unaware before of the Northwood version.


Unable to say when - but the website says 20s or 30s. I think somewhere around the end of the twenties all these glass manufacturers walked over the same glass exhibition in Paris or in Munich or in London and they all saw the same novel presentation: coloured glass on a black foot! WOW - so they all ran back to the office and designed some.  Because Leerdam made it for sure. Davidson, Northwood, Monart, Maastricht. Schneider.....  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Schneider started the trend - but realistically, it could have been any of them.

Ivo I'm a bit confused.
This Northwood site seems to be only for stretch glass, which would have some irridescence, even if only very subtle. Yet I noticed you say in the other place that yours had none.
Also yours seems to have the narrow collar under-rim which the commentary on the bowls page seems to suggest only applies to pattern NW 718.
Just trying to hone my ID skills.
PS "unleerdamish" - love it !  :D

Hi and yes Peter stretch class to be called as such has irradescence. My first thought upon  seeing the piece was Cambridges Azurite. This was produced in 1922 and as the book "Colors in Cambridge glass" states, "A light blue opaque that will often show some variation in the color of a given item. Some areas may show streaking that is almost white and other areas may show a little darker color. " So Cambridge Azurite seems like a contender. Terry in Iowa


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