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glass man:
HELLO, I just found this mini bud vase in a antique mall for $6.00. 2 7/8 inches high X 2 3/4 wide. I would like to know who made it and about when? Is the NORITAKE CRAFT label generic to a region of Japan used by many makers? I could not find a picture of it on the web. 
Thanks, Bob

I have one the same colour bought off Ebay here in Australia.


My research has shown Noritake glass was actually produced by Marti Glass (also known as Multi Glass)

Were they a Japanese company, Racer?

Yes but some research last night turned up some other info.
I have found listed two Japanese glass designers active at Noritake during the 70s to 80s, so it seems they had their own glass production facility
Mitsugi Koboyashi and Koji Yamakuchi, listed under Noritake Glass Coompany, 19771-2000.   That is all I have ever found on Noritake glass.

Most Noritake glass I have seen is very similar in style to Marti Glass.

Here's some info from my notes on them:
Marti Glass - Multi Glass - FG -  Fukuoka - Nakajima - Crystal Matsugaoka
Glass is still produced under the name Multi Glass at Fukuoka on Kyushu.
Sticker is generally a large M, also MULTI GLASS or MARTI GLASS .
Earlier pieces may have FG or FUKUOKA.
They have made everything from simple cased glass bowls and vases, to hot worked large vases, Murano style animals, and tableware.
Artists: Tetsujiro Goto (67-86), Yoko Kuramoto (86-95),


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