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Unusual black vase, applied white ''snake'' spiral. ID= Słuczan-Orkusz, Poland

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Hi, does anyone have any idea who may have produced this curious vase?  ??? Thanks

Does it strike you as fairly modern Ben? I have seen and handled a few similar vases, they all had trails in contrasting colours to the body and were well made. I thought quite recent and given the quality not Chinese, perhaps Poland or somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Do you still have my phone number? Get in touch.


Nice one John - yep I've used my mum's GM account.

I thought perhaps modern Polish/Eastern European too so we're on the same page with this.

Fraid I've lost yer numbers 'cause my last phone suddenly stopped working and I hadn't saved contacts to sim. Please send your mob/landline number to benderrynmylo at outlook dot com
Would be good to talk, its been a while.

Cheers, Ben

Better late than never, made in Sweden by Skruf, judging by this one anyway...


Interestingly, on this site about an upcoming exhibition on Polish designer Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz a whole range of vases like this are shown (you have to go to the second photo using the ">" to the right)



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