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Fake Australian Carnival

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Cathy B:
Glen, check out the base, lustre, thickness, knop, foot - this one feels so wrong... what do you think?

EDIT: On discussions with carnival glass collectors, this item is fine

EDIT: The following example is definitely wrong.
And this from the same seller is so amateur it's laughable:

My gosh, Cathy, we've got problems, haven't we? There's "word" out on the old grape 'n' cable vine that a bunch of Crown Crystal Carnival pieces are being repro'd in China. Is it true? Well, I can't confirm where they are being made, but I can say that I've seen photos of the little berry bowl in amethyst, and I listed a bunch of ways in which it is different from the original CC berry.

And now this clear iridised one! And it's different yet again. It surely isn't an original. At least it's in a colour that we know isn't genuine old.

But the comport is more of a puzzle and hence a problem. I don't have an original one in my collection to compare it with (we have several CC comports, but not that exact one). I can only compare it with the drawings in the Aussie Carnival book. But I agree with you that the iridescence looks strange. It is very lurid and brash. I think if we were to handle the piece we would know right away, but judging from a photo is very very difficult. I can't even confirm the dimensions given - can you?

The seller also has a master Kingfisher. I've sat and compared every little detail with my old one - and I'm still not certain.

But without a doubt, that little "clear pearl" one is not all it seems.


Cathy B:

The pearl is clearly a forgery in so many ways. The bird is wrong, the branch is much thicker, the tail is thinner, and most tellingly, it says RP4184 rather than RD4184. Hilarious.

I haven't got the hobnail and cane pattern - I only collect the coloured depression era and have only a little of the carnival. My gut instinct when I saw it was that it was wrong though. If there was anything I could put my finger on, it would be that it is too shiny and smooth - not just the irridised sections, but underneath on the base as well.

I do know that in the originals the irridisation could be flakey and that one very old collection on the South Coast includes a kingfisher nappy bowl in a gunmetal grey, which is where the irridisation didn't take. This is a treasured piece.

Here is a clear version, which I had thought was fine:

EDIT: On discussions with carnival glass collectors, this item is fine

But now I don't know.

Anyway, time to ring some real world collectors of the stuff to find out.

Cathy - yes, without a doubt the "pearl" piece is a fake. No problems with that one - and as I said, it's odd that it's actually different to the other fake Kingfisher berry that's around.

But that comport is much trickier. Both of my Aussie comports (Butterfly Bower/ Christmas Bells) are iridised on the exterior (one is silvery and the other is much more multicoloured). The iridescence on the upper side of both is packed full of colours. We've had them for almost 20 years so I am sure they are the real thing.

We need someone who has that exact comport to compare the two.





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