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Show and tell - Mdina Tricorn bottle

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Bought this amethyst Tricorn bottle yesterday and I am very happy with it. 32 cm tall so shortish I guess. I thought it was the first amethyst tricorn I had seen but I reckon Anthony's has amethyst in it too:,47899.msg301390.html#msg301390


Is this the first "Two-Tone" tricorn?
(Even if it's not the first amethyst.)
Cool. 8)  Really cool.  8) 8)

Is this the first "Two-Tone" tricorn?

Nope.  ;)

Lovely piece though.

So you have a Two-Tone Tricorn too?
piccies, pleeeeeeease?
Here's my One-Tone. But not remotely a "Return Of The Ugly"! ;)

Yes, I was lucky to be able to bid and win over 30 pieces of Harris period pieces from my local small auction house.

Included in that were three tricorns one of which is two tone, one small example and one that is more standard in appearance.

I am currently working on a light table when it is complete I will be photographing and sharing my whole collection.


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