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Smoky-grey trinket set decorated with chevrons & crosses - ID = Joseph Inwald

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A rather chunky trinket set of smoky-grey pressed glass comprising a pair of short candlesticks, a lidded pot, and a kidney shaped tray. The tray is approximately 12 x 7 inches, and the lidded pot is 6 inches tall to the top of the lid finial.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by Tony Simmons).

The decorative pattern is mainly geometric panels of chevrons (sometimes combined with crosses).

Not a pattern I can recall seeing before, but looks rather Czech to me.

ID, comments or suggestions, please?


That's one I've never seen before, Fred.

Lovely set! I have the tray in green. I had always assumed it was a crescent salad side plate/dish. Also seen the dish in a deep turquoise.

Thank you for showing these, Jayne.


You're welcome Fred.


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