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ID Crown Paperweight - Scottish - Strathearn? ID = Paul Ysart

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Can anyone identify this crown paperweight?  It has a Scottish look and feel, so maybe it is by Strathearn?  It is 2 13/16" diameter by 2 1/3" high.  The base is fire finished. 

Thanks in advance.



Hi.  It looks to me like a typical Harland crown from Paul Ysart's studio.  Whether it was  made by him or one of his assistants is another question!


Hi Allan,

I agree with Alan, it is a Paul Ysart crown. It could be from the Harland period (we know he made quite a lot then). However, Paul Ysart made crowns long before the Harland venture and the ones he made while at Caithness are not easily distinguishable from the Harland ones. I suspect that the only way to know for sure is to resort to a UV lamp.

It is a nice example with good PY colours.


Wouldn't the Caithness examples have a flat base (or at least a finished base)?

Hi Allan,

I have never seen a PY crown with a flat base. Even the one from Caithness that I saw had a pontil scar.

KevinH should be able to give us more info on this though.



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