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Help to ID 2 unmarked paperweights #1 ID = Perthshire Paperweights

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I recently purchased a number of paperweights and need some help trying to identify some of them. Most of them have signature canes so they have been fairly easy to figure out but the unmarked ones I'm stumped on.
Any information appreciated.
The first one is 3"H x 3 1/2" diameter, the top and bottom are flat but  curve in from the edge.

I've split off the 2nd post to a new topic, we prefer one item per topic please, that way folks don't get muddled in discussions. :)

Thanks Anne :)

This looks like a Saint Louis 1990 Upright Bouquet with a Gingham Basket Overlay.  It should have a SL1990 signature cane in the center of one of the flowers. 

Thanks for lead Allan!  I checked out St Louis and the flowers weren't the same, so using your keywords I was able to find this one is a Perthshire Special Edition from 1983, only 20 made.


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