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Also the ....Hermanova tortoiseshell effect set.....I have seen the Hermanova 11408-18811 in this tortoiseshell effect recently on ebay....also Ernst Buder set with atomiser

This trinket pot is by Davidson but I can't recall the pattern number

Fab thank you Angela. :)  I can't find the tortoiseshell one in the Hermanova catalogue, do you happen to know which pattern it is please? Same with the Davidson one above - I've not seen that one at all before.

Just found the turquoise Davidson pot in my Chippendale catalogue pattern 2507 ....
and the tortoiseshell pattern I don't have the pattern number but it has been discussed at length here  ;D,51881.10.html

Thanks Angela, I'll follow up on this soon. :)

Meanwhile, I think all the Brockwitz patterns are onto GTS now.  Next will be Walther.


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