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Not for the first time I've seen this "set" being advertised on --  item number 193241626274.

It seems people are taking the photos on the Buder 510 set a bit too literally!

Perhaps a footnote might help?

I can't see anything on the listing claiming the set as Buder 510?

Sorry, I didn't mean that they were saying it is the 510 set by Buder.

But that they are putting the same items as shown in some of the photos together and saying that they are a set.

I'm assuming they were the only available pictures of known examples of Buder at the time they were up-loaded but they are a mixture of pieces from several different sets.

Searching (with al lot of pleasure)  in all the files of GTS a saw  a photo of Walther set -  model Münster at "Walter- model Erika". A mistake I guess......  ;)

Oops! Thanks Eugénie, it's a photo that's gone walkabout. It's been sent back to where it belongs. :)


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