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Libochovice 1820-1824 trinket set - photos


I see that Anne’s reincarnated GTS site has the catalogue image for the Libochovice 1820-1824 trinket set at
but no photos yet, so here are some photos of a part set for reference here and possible addition to the GTS site if suitable.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB and GTS sites granted by lindahoneysuckle).

Tray - pattern 1820, size: 360mm x 195mm
Candlestick - pattern 1821, size: 188mm
Large 4-footed lidded pot  - pattern 1822, size: 85mm.

Does anyone have photos of the smaller lidded pot and the ringholder to show, please?


That's super, thank you Fred and lindahoneysuckle. I do have one candlestick in this pattern, and I have a photo of it somewhere but haven't reached it yet. I've not seen the rest of the set so this is good to have photos of. I think this must be one of the less commonly seen patterns!

....finally....after 5 years.... herewith the photo of the ring holder.

Anne, you can use it for the GTS of course.

Fabulous, thank you Eugénie.

Some interesting reading on this Libochovice pattern also known as "Service Josephine" or "Josephine Wreath"


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