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Blue Pressed Slag/cloud glass dresser set - ID = Davidson 8283

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I missed getting this item.  I searched in books and trawled the Net to find out about it, but didn't really get very close.  :(  I think the nearest I got was Davidsons blue cloud glass...but I wasn't convinced that attribution was right.  :?

It's a totally stunning dressing table set IMO, and I think it went for a song.   Does anyone know any information about it?  Just so if I ever see another one, I'll have a bit of knowledge under my belt!

It looks like a Davisons trinket set in blue cloud glass. Pattern No:  8283

Trinket sets

Blue cloud

Cloud colours and shapes/patterns can be found here.

Thanks Tiger.  :D  The colour of the trinket set (didn't find that myself) is very similar...but not quite the same.  The one on Ebay had the most extraordinary quality, the impression in the tray is so crisp!  And it looks like the 'pots' have clear glass knops too...

Thanks for finding the Trinket section...I'd missed that, cheers!  :D

Perhaps it is 'Ribbon Cloud'.

The tray is upside down in the picture and it's frosted on the back like Davidsons glass usually is.


Yes this is a Davidson 8283 trinket set in blue cloud. Davidson actually used two different shades of blue for their cloud, one being paler than the other. This set looks like it has been made in the darker of the two shades of blue. This somehow has the effect of bringing out the purple trails. We have several vases in the paler shade of blue and they do not look as good as the same vases in the darker shade.




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