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Art cut amber to uranium lead crystal fruit bowl. ID = Val St Lambert

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This lovely art cut (Sue taught me that one) fruit bowl in amber cut to uranium has foiled my attempts at ID so far. Can anyone help please. It's unmarked and 8.5 or 21.5 cm diameter,.
(Many thanks to PC for importing it and no DE can't have it)

I can see the point in cut glass when colour is involved - this is just lovely.
Can D or D have it?  ;)

I think we need Nigel.

Paul S.:
agree it's very attractive, but so too is some clear Georgian cut glass from c. 1800 - in candlelight, limpid pools of shimmering leaden beauty  ;) ;)

sorry, no idea as to provenance for this  -  how about Czechoslovakian  -  does it have any age related wear, or is it pristine, Christine ;D  ;D

It's certainly not new. My age guess would be 20-50s

flying free:
Val St Lambert made colour cut to uranium but I couldn't see anything on searching.
Hopefully Anne will be able to help if it is.
Gorgeous colours.


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