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Information required when requesting identifications


flying free:
I'm sure this was on the board somewhere but I can't find the advice now?

When posting for id on a piece of glass, please could you add:

Photos that are 600 x 400 pixels as they blow up so the pics detail can be seen

A photo of the piece:
side on,
from the top,
the base,
and any other pictures of detail (enamel, gilding,signatures etc) in closeup - in focus.

width of rim
width of base or girth or whichever might be most helpful
Weight of piece

Information on:
Whether the rim is cut or fire polished or bevelled or any other interesting information about the rim
Whether the base is mold blown, has dimples, has a polished pontil mark, has a rough pontil mark or any other interesting information about the base.

All this information can greatly help in receiving and identification. There have been millions of pieces of glass made. It's impossible in many cases, to just see a pic of a piece and think 'yep, that's a .... made here and by so and so'.

Thank you :)



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