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Blue, spiral - What more can YOU add? ID = Paşabahçe, Turkey

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Hi folks,

Can anyone help with ID? You'd think that the signature would be more legible, but no!
Let's hope that it's recognisable!

Thanks in anticipation of great wisdom! :-\)

It says, Paşabahçe,  who are one of the world's biggest commercial glassmakers, based in Turkey :)

Interesting, as I have not seen such a piece from them before... has anyone else?

flying free:
It may come under their Çeşm-i Bülbül range and be a development of that design.

Pasabahce maybe one of the world's biggest producers of glass but they make a number of stunning designs under different range names (limited editions and very expensive) where it seems to me they change their designs very regularly for the ranges.
I'll find my lidded cup in a minute and link it - a beautiful and immaculate piece of glass.

Edited to add - cameo cup and saucer link here :),56515.msg320395.html#msg320395

Thanks for that link M, hadn't seen it before. Are both your link and my link the same company then?

Many thanks, that's a really useful link!!! The brain slurp will now continue with all this new stuff to log! :)


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