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HELP IDENTIFY 2 words on a WAYNE FILAN 1974 art glass vase sculpture


HELLO ALL and thankyou in advance for your help......the 1st photo shows the vase and the 2nd shows the signature but the last 2 photos show 2 words that im not sure of.then the date 1974 which is not photoed...i have this listed on ebay if you want to see more close up photos......i hope im in the right area posting this..i could not find the glass vase area

I have a piece marked Wayne Filan 1970 London, I know he was at the RCA then, on a studentship, I beleive, but I don't know where he was in '74.
Could the first mystery word read "Budapest"?
I think Michael Harris went there in '64 to study some techniques. :)
(I've lost my book somewhere, so I can't check for accuracy right now. I know it was '64, I'm not absolutely postitive about the Budapest. Geography isn't my subject.)

Rubbing a little talcum powder over a mark with your thumb can help bring up a signature or writing for photography and better ease of reading. :)

I think you might be in the wrong forum, I think this one is for paperweights. I'll ask a moderator to shift it to general glass enquiries. Don't fret about it.

A little out of date possibly, however, believe this is signed 'Wayne Filan Bridport Vermont 1974'.
Not sure of the exact date when Wayne returned to the States after finishing at the RCA, however a few other signed examples at least show Wayne working in Vermont in 1972. Just adding for future reference.


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