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Spectacular vase - Please help me ID Swedish?? ID = Leerdam

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Hello. I am a major glass fan and I am really happy to have found this site.  I have a vase I recently purchased and was hoping someone may help me ID it. It is heavy, has a polished pontil and looks Scandinavian to me. Picture does not do it justice. Any help is appreciated. It is unsigned.

has similarities to some clear triangular Leerdam Serica bits I've seen before, but not as tall so can't be sure. Some Serica are stamped with the CL mark, whilst others are unsigned.


It is indeed Leerdam, a Serica by Floris Meydam, dated 1956
These Serica are not signed.

Thank you for the help. I was certain it was a quality piece of glass. Any ref's for the website so that I can learn more?
Thanks again,

What is it you want to know about this vase?
From 1951-1956 Meydam designed a lot of vases and a.o parfum bottles, candles, ashtrays, cigarette holders, with enclosed controlled air bubbles (don't know what is is called in English, in Dutch: spijkerglas) etc. some of these pictured in the book Meydam In Vorm by Karel Wasch, Joan Temminck and Barney Agerbeek, and in the Leerdam Glas book 1978-1998 by A. van der Kley-Blekxtoon.

Here an identical vase, currently for sale:
search for: spijkervaas meydam Leerdam

Google on Floris Meydam will give you more information


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