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pretty bargain Murano paperweight cut sides & daisy cane


Good morning/evening everyone,

Yippie $4 for such a pretty thing.

I found a paperweight on eBay w/ the same individual cane petals around a center cane daisies.  It had a well worn foil murano sticker on it.  

It seems odd that these weights would have anything in common because the eBay weight was much cruder and was a plain flattened ball of glass, and was duller looking.  

The one I have is bright and clear like good crystal and the daisies are very small and tightly arranged.  The other was sort of muddled looking.  

I just don't know what to make of it.  Can anyone help me with an ID on this?

Thanks for looking,


(ps I am posting this in the paperweight forum as well)

4 dollars was an absolute steal. It's one of the nicest examples I've seen of Fratelli Toso's delicate daisy cane weights.


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