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Vintage pressed glass made in Thailand


Retro Mojo UK:
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had experience, owned or handled and pressed glass made in Thailand?

I'm researching a blog post and have collected pieces from a particular range from mainly the UK but as far away as the USA, and one example has MADE IN THAILAND faintly moulded on the base but none of the others do. All pieces are from different sources and have similar wear and the right amount of grime in the bases, coupled with the style, to date them to 1970s, maybe 80's?

I've looked in all the usual places, 20thC Glass etc, and books, but to be frank this isn't quality glass we're talking about! It's quite ceudely pressed, not as clean as Sklo or as thin as some of the Japanese stuff, although one example I have is definitely the same design but much thinner and lighter, with smoother edges, maybe nearing the end of the life of the mould?

Many thanks
Steve :-)


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