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Photographing clear and translucent glass on a light table

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On special request. Someone asked how I achieved my photographs of clear glass.
I use a light table, which I built myself. It simply consists of a 2mm translucent white perspex and a wooden frame.
The perspex was bent using a hot-air gun.
Usually I take all my pictures with just a single 150W bulb, placed just behind the bend so the objects are back-lit.
The table works great on clear and translucent glass, but not very well on opaque objects unless you use additional
If you use a small angle for the photographs the perspex gives an additional mirror image of the object.
Im using irfanview  on most pictures to adjust the colours.
Few examples are added - hope you enjoy!


Paul S.:
since it was me that asked the question Dirk, then a big thanks for taking the time to reply. :)

It looks simple enough to construct, so I shall attempt to copy your equipment  -  thanks also for the pictures showing some glass photographed with this method  -  I'm very impressed with the results.

I also use Irfanview, but only for re-sizing  -  for editing the contrast, colour etc., I still use Picasa and seem to get on o.k.

thanks again.

That is so simple yet so effective, Dirk, thanks for showing us. I assume the 2mm perspex is fairly easy to bend to that curve? How does it cope with heavy items, is there any bend in the perspex?

flying free:
Perfect photos that show off all the details.  Very envious. :)


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