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Art Glass-Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Murano---? ID = Japanese by Kamei Glass

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Hi, I'm curious to know who might have made this- any thoughts appreciated. I suspect it's Chinese  :-\

It weighs just over 1kg
Its height is 21cms (about 8.5")
It has an oval polished out pontil mark.

Thanks for looking

Paul S.:
Hello Scott  -  I notice one or two internet sites - including Emmi Smith - are saying that this label is 'most likely Japanese'............   I like the colours tho. :)

Hi Paul, thanks - so possibly not from TK Maxx ?

Yes I think the colour scheme's quite striking   :)

Hi Scott, the Japanese firm Kamei looks a good bet for your piece.  :)

and older than you think. Foreign was used in the UK post-war on labels for items imported from japan and Germany so as not to deter buyers


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