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Exposition Lalique photos now on GlassGallery

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Album now added. Photos of the Exposition Lalique by Mike M.:

Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for sharing the pics Mike. :)

Tony H:

Thank you to Mike and to you Anne. I have not seen most of this before.

PS. Anne not all but most of photos would not show till flags loaded one at a time.

Tony H in NZ

Tony I'll reply re flags in the Cafe :)

Thank you to Mike, Debby and Anne.

A fascinating and lovely series of photos.

Many thanks for sharing them.


Mike M:
Hi Folks

One of the best pictures didn't load last night -It was too big

But its up there now - and as its as easy to load five pictures as just one, I've added a few more -it makes it more worth while going to the second page!

Sorry some of the additions are not soooo rare, but they are stunners.

Of course the best thing to do is to go see it in the Flesh - highly recommended. You can always stop off at Nancy on the way and see 2 Museums full of Emile Galle and Daum.




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