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Black bird

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I am trying to trace the origin of this black and gold bird. I suspect it may be a Martinuzzi design as the technique seems very similar to the elephant shown in "Animals in Glass". Venini commented that "Similar birds belong to Martinuzzi drawings but we can't say that this is a Venini one." The base is highly polished and the gold seems to be on the surface (uncased). The bird is about 15cm tall and has an unusual round, flattened bill tip.
Can anyone help?

Terry, you asked if it could be Isle of Wight? Yes, that is possible. It has the typical look of black Azurene. I have never seen an IOWSG bird of this shape and size before, but it is possible that one of the glass makers tried something a little different from the norm.


Thanks Anton and all who replied to my numerous emails. Still no wiser. Any new viewers with thoughts?

I'm very much with Anton on this. It isn't a known shape with that very long tail, but everything else about it screams IoWSG and it's perfectly possible it was an experiment.
Unless it's St John, which is sort of related.  :)

Thanks Sue.
Can you give me some more info on St John? Dr Google is of no help.
Kind regards,


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