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Finds from one small car boot

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These were all found from different sellers from one small car boot.
A pair of what look Bohemian vases with cherubs not hand painted but transfer.
A small signed Boda vase.
A pair of satin uranium glass small rose bowls.
A Bohemian / Kralik style iridescence tear drop vase.
A pair of engraved wine glasses with red rims and foot.

Thanks Roy

I could not have resisted any of those.

We need a car boot page, lucky to find so many things in pairs, I might trawl 10 car boots and find 3 things of real interest and I'm always up against at least 10 dealers every time I go.The satin  blue vases seem to be fairly common would love to know where they come from and how old they are.

We could pin this topic as a sticky so you can add your mass finds to it like Roy has, rather than having separate topics scattered across the board.

Could do, these four are within the last two weeks, but where do you start?, i think the first is webbs (Burmese ish) 1880 odd the second a piece of 1870's cut glass, the third god knows but it's full of seeds with heavy base wear  a rough pontil with made out of canes with at least five layers and i think it has some real age and the fourth i have not seen anything like it in a purple opalescent colour i think might be Walsh Walsh, all a mystery and god knows if i'm right about any of them, posting random finds does not help id them but i do think it's of interest as there are still lots of things out there to find.


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